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We help you start, grow, and scale an e-commerce business

Your new partner

We help you with your business

Growing an e-commerce business by your self is hard. We handle all the operations, management, product sourcing, and marketing. ~ Chad (Co-Founder)

eFranchise automation

Grow your new business using our proven systems

Research & Data

We have the proven stores, tools, systems, and data for what products sell the most online.

Save Money & Time

E-commerce is not easy. Most will waste time and money during trial and error. We fixed that problem.

Sales & Reports

You own the business and have access to see all the sales on the backend. Watch the growth.

Optimizing e-commerce businesses process from A to Z to increase your market competitiveness with our eFranchise system

About DropFreedom

Our mission

The company’s goal is to impact lives by helping others achieve passive income from the e-commerce industry. Using platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Shopify. ~ Wayne (Chief Operations Officer)

Why Work With Us

We have a passion for passive income

You do not have time to learn how to start and grow a business using Amazon, Facebook, or Shopify. Let us automate 95% of the work for you. All you have to do is be financially responsible for the business. ~ Darius (Co-Founder)

Client Support

Simple onboarding process and direct access to our team

Affordable Investment

Starting at only $10,000 and less than $50,000 to get started

Top eCom Specialists

DropFreedom has the best team to scale e-commerce startups

Over 100 stores

Trusted by over 75+ clients worldwide

Contact Us

Watch our masterclass and talk to one of our advisors. Start an eFranchise today!


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