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We help you start, grow, and scale an e-commerce business

Your new partner

We help you with your business

Growing an e-commerce business by your self is hard. We handle all the operations, management, product sourcing, and marketing. ~ Chad Friedman (Co-Founder)

eFranchise automation

Grow your new business using our proven systems

Research & Data

We have the proven stores, tools, systems, and data for what products sell the most online.

Save Money & Time

E-commerce is not easy. Most will waste time and money during trial and error. We fixed that problem.

Sales & Reports

You own the business and have access to see all the sales on the backend. Watch the growth.

Optimizing e-commerce businesses process from A to Z to increase your market competitiveness with our eFranchise system

About DropFreedom

Our mission

The company’s goal is to impact lives by helping others achieve passive income from the e-commerce industry. Using platforms like Amazon ~ Darius Gaynor (Co-Founder)

Why Work With Us

We have a passion for passive income

You do not have time to learn how to start and grow a business using Amazon. Let us automate 95% of the work for you. All you have to do is be financially responsible for the business. 

Client Support

Simple onboarding process and direct access to our team

Affordable Investment

Starting at only $20,000 to get started. 24 month ROI guarantee.

Top eCom Specialists

DropFreedom has the best team to scale e-commerce startups

Executive Team

Chad Friedman
Chad Friedman Co-Founder & COO
Darius Gaynor
Darius Gaynor Co-Founder & CEO
Over 100 stores

Trusted by over 75+ clients worldwide

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